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Club Committees

Club Committees

  • Green Committee
  • Tennis Committee
  • Golf Committee
Green Committee
Advises the Board of Directors on matters concerning the design and maintenance of the golf course and all other golf related issues not under the purview of the Golf Committee.

Robert Culpepper, Co-Chair
Bill Evans, Co-Chair
Jim Accordino
David Blanchard
Jean Martin
Jamie McVay
Charles Sheffield
Wright Waddell


Tennis Committee
Advises the Board of Directors on matters concerning the employment of a Tennis Professional and the scope of his operations and rules for members and their guests.  The Committee also advises the Board on the condition of, and makes recommendations concerning tennis courts, equipment and other related facilities and matters.
Tommy Harrell, Chair
Alpna Arora
Jeremy Brewer
Eddie Cawthorne
Jim Culpepper
Cindi Freeman
Judy Pearce
Cha Cha Parmer
John Roberts
Stephen P. Scheer
Golf Committee
Advises the Board of Directors on matter concerning the employment of a Golf Professional and the scope of his operation, the operation of the Pro Shop and golf cart, the promulgation of playing rules for members and their guests, the programming of golfing events for members and their guests, and the maintenance of members handicaps. U.S.G.A. rules and regulations shall governs all golf play except where superseded by local rules.

John Greenhaw, Co-Chair
Bill Evans, Co-Chair
Cates Culpepper
Bill Hamilton
Brett Helton
Debby Jacobson
Matt  Jones
Boo Miller
Mark Morrison

  • Food & Beverage Committee
  • House Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Finance Committee
Food & Beverage Committee
Advises the Board of Directors on matters involving the scope and quality of food and beverage operations.  The committee reviews and approves menus and provides feedback on the food and beverage service and quality.

Jim Accordino, Co-Chair
Mark Lane, Co-Chair
House Committee

Advises the Board of Directors on matters concerning the operations of the Clubhouse and equipment, furnishings and property therein; the maintenance and repair of all buildings, both exterior and interior, the supervision of all building construction, the maintenance, repair and supervision of the building of all water and electrical lines, and the facilities and equipment used in connection therewith, except those directly related to and concerning the maintenance or repair of the golf course.  The trees, lawn, garden and shrubbery area of the Club grounds which are not within the scope of the Green Committee and the maintenance, repair and construction of wells, water tanks, pumps, fences and parking lots come under the jurisdiction of the House Committee.

Dr. Brett Helton, Chair
Jay Alexander
Roger Martin
Deani Pahl
Michael Starr
Membership Committee

Receives screens and processes confidentially all Membership applications, ensuring compliance with all By-laws and rules of the Club. Maintains a waiting list of prospective Members. Recommends acceptance or rejection of applicants to the Board of Directors. Maintains through the General Manager a current roster of all Members and their categories. Recommends to the President three Board Members, on a rotating basis every three months, to serve as a working Membership Committee to interview sponsors of proposed Members.

Chris Miller, Co-Chair
Mitch Watkins, Co-Chair
Jay Carter
Kristin Culpepper
David Folds
Jan Greef
Kathy Jones
Rik Lane
Jimmy Motos
Karen Price
Rosina Roundtree
Clair Thayer
Ashley Valentini
Finance Committee
Supervises, directs and controls all matters pertaining to the Clubs finances, including but not limited to, the placing of insurance, the filing of tax returns and the payment of taxes, the preparation of the annual operating budget, and the preparation of the current reports for the Board of Directors on the Club's financial condition.
David Lewis, Chair
Jim Culpepper
Jim Farrar
John Greenhaw
Jamie McVay
Mitch Watkins